Has the PT Profession Gone Mad?

This is how some PT's of our profession are thinking.... kinda like a mad scientist

The other day I was online checking out what some other Facebook PT’s had to say. I always like to get online and see what everyone is saying about our profession now and then. I’ll admit, I was shocked with what I saw and read…. Basically it went something along these lines: ” that most…

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How To Assess & Treat The Big Toe

The big toe can become stiff and rigid

I just  got done taping a few new videos on everything you need to know about the 1st MTP joint and ray. This are very important joints. When not working optimally, it can literally alter the mechanics of the entire body! However….. it usually isn’t the MTP joint that you have to work on (hint,hint).…

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Podcast Episode 7: Are You Categorizing Your Low Back Patients?

Are you categorizing your back pain patients?

Hi, and welcome to Dr. Scott Gray’s redefining physical therapy podcast for orthopedic, sport, and manual physical therapists. Delivering practical and real life content and strategies for busy clinicians. Here’s your host and expert physical therapist, Dr. Scott Gray. Dr. Scott Gray :                    What’s up everyone? This is Dr. Scott Gray, and welcome to this…

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Assessing & Treating The Midfoot

Midfoot mobilization

Introduction To The Midfoot The midfoot is an integral part of the human foot. It helps maintain balance by adapting to different surfaces and terrain. It also plays a key role in allowing the foot to pronate, supinate, dorsiflex, plantarflex, invert, and evert. Often times, the midfoot can cause dysfunction elsewhere in the foot or…

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Podcast Episode 6: Treating Mid-Cervical Spondylosis With Dr. Greg Jefferson

Dr. Greg Jefferson gets on the redefining physical therapy podcast to talk about cervical spondylosis

  How he assesses and treats the mid-cervical spine When he actually considers spondylosis as a diagnosis How he treats necks with DJD Why manual therapy still & always will work What mistakes most clinicians make when applying manual therapy What other parts of the body does he treat to help the mid-cervical spine and……

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Podcast Episode 5: Clinical Biases and A Clinical Case Study…


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How & Why Sport Hernias Occur

      Sorry I haven’t posted as of late. I literally have been “running” away from someone with the first name of IRMA… Funny but not funny. Lol I just got back to the sunshine state last night and we have POWER. Great, right? Anyways, I just put together an article for Athletes Acceleration…

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Ankle Dorsiflexion – Everything You Need To Know

  Ankle dorsiflexion is very important for many daily activities. When the ankle isn’t moving optimally knee, foot, hip, and back pain become a common place for patients. A few weeks back I wrote about how simple the foot is to treat. In that post, I disclosed 5 key joints that you need to assess…

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Subtalar Joint Assessments & Treatments

Last week I wrote a post about how the foot is complex yet simple to treat. Did you read it? If you haven’t you can by Clicking Here. Anyways… I learned a long time ago during my fellowship with the Gray Institute to always check the subtalar joint. This is because the subtalar joint “sets-up”…

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Podcast Episode 4 (Part 2) With Roberta Nole & The Quadrastep System

In this episode Roberta discusses….    Her clinical case study using the Quadrastep System how she helped a patient with a pes cavus foot.  Why most orthotics get bad results…. How to discern if a foot is functional or structural When and where you can register for her Master Class and…. How you can access…

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