Blood Flow Restriction Training Expert…

Dr. Adrian Dixon is an expert physical therapist in the NFL for the Tennessee Titans. He has an array of experiences in the NFL including:

  • Tampa Bay Bucs
  • Houston Texans
  • Chicago Bears

Dr. Dixon uses blood flow restriction training with his players. He is currently preparing research on the subject which he will go further into detail in the interview. To find out more about Dr. Dixon you can check out his biography by Clicking Here.


Blood Flow Restriction Training Show Notes:

To learn more about blood flow restriction training (BFR) and founder Johnny Owens CLICK HERE

Highlights of Dr. Dixon’s Talk: 

  • BFR is used sub-acutely and beyond in regards to stage of condition
  • BFR Increases blood flow perfusion, hormonal levels, and protein synthesis
  • Increased blood flow allows faster healing rates
  • BFR has shown to increase muscle hypertrophy and strength with little as 20% of RM
  • BFR can be used to preserve joints from heavy loading
  • Dixon talks about how he used BFR to heal UCL ligament sprain in one week using BFR